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Within this brief guide, we’ll answer the issue, “What goes well with coffee?”. We’ll share different choices of foods to pair with coffee.

What goes well with coffee?

The next ingredients match coffee:

  • Desserts like Cheesecake or coffee cake, Brownies, Frozen treats, Pastries
  • Savory foods like Eggs, Cheese and Meat
  • Baked goods like Doughnuts, Muffins, Croissants and Scones
  • Fruits like citrus, berries, apples

Let’s take a look at the very best coffee pairs:

Coffee and Desserts

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate and occasional are the ideal match, you cant ever fail by using it. The taste profiles of both chocolate and occasional are alike, as both of them are created from strongly flavored beans.

Coffee cake

Coffee cake and occasional really are a traditional combination, because the flavors are ready to complement one another. Coffee cake can complement any coffee, however it can frequently go great with light-medium roast, for any fluffy and sweet delicacy.


The creamy consistency of cheesecake goes well with coffee and helps to create a wonderful balance between strong and straightforward flavors.

Creamy cheesecake is really a fluffy light dessert which goes well using the softer flavors of the cinnamon roast.


Chocolatey and nutty flavors of brownies pair well with strong and bold roasts.

Ice Cream

Frozen treats enables you to match distinct flavors with various roasts, being very adaptable. The creamy flavor from the frozen treats complements the bitter flavor of coffee, balancing the overall flavor and adding creamy notes.

Vanilla frozen treats when combined with coffee, like frappuccino or iced latte, will get much more mouthwatering.


Tarts really are a naturally sweet yet little sour dessert, good for individuals who would like a tinge of sourness. Tarts pairs nicely with coffee because the sweet-bitter flavors take out the most powerful notes in coffee.

French Macarons

Macarons really are a delicate, crisp, sweet delight which goes nicely with cinnamon roast that is smooth with less bitterness, and wouldn’t dominate the soft flavors from the French macarons.


Pastries complement the taste of coffee, serving as an ideal match towards the bold flavor. Pastries complement an iced latte or perhaps an americano. They’re offered freshly prepared around the counter in cafes worldwide.

Coffee and baked goods


Bread complements coffee creating a simple yet tasty delight. Consuming a mug of hot coffee when biting on bread enables intensifying the taste from the baked goods, due to the warmth within the mouth and high bloodstream circulation towards the taste receptors.


Biscotti are often offered with coffee like a sweet compliment towards the drink. Biscotti goes well with espresso for any lovely Italian experience. Biscotti also pairs well with iced coffee and iced lattes, like a mouthwatering crisp delight.


One other good pair with coffee is nice doughnuts, which could balance bitter types of coffee.


Much like doughnuts, the sweet flavor of muffins goes best with Espresso roasts but could pair with any coffee.

Coffee and Fruit

Fruits, particularly berries match coffee. Drinking coffee with biting in your favorite fruit salad is really a scrumptious and nutritious breakfast choice, filled with tasty flavor notes.


Berries like particularly, bananas, blackberries and raspberries using their slight tartness complement coffee very well. Generally, berries are combined with different types of coffee from Africa.

Citrus fruits

The tart flavors from most citrus fruits highlight the flavors of Espresso roasts, which makes them an incredible combination.


The fruity flavor of apples and cinnamon roasts forms an excellent mixture of flavors, making the 2 great pairs.

Coffee and chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Chocolates is a perfect pair for coffee, due to the creamy, deep flavor which goes nicely with Espresso roasts. The strong flavor from the chocolate pairs well using the bitterness within the coffee, for any tasty delight.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is definitely an adaptable pairing that work well with almost all types of coffee. The creamy texture of milk chocolate creates a great pair with coffee creating a soft and scrumptious delight.

White Chocolate

Cinnamon roasts match white-colored chocolate, letting the food’s sweetness shine. Much like milk chocolate, white-colored chocolate is another great pair for coffee.

The taste of white-colored chocolate complements those of coffee very well because it mutes the ultimate bitterness with very sweet and creamy flavors.

Hopefully these coffee combination ideas inspires you to definitely try newer and more effective and attractive delights together with your favorite coffee.

You will find limitless choices to pair with coffee– should you consider any we have skipped, leave a remark lower.


Within this brief guide, we’ve provided a solution to the issue, “What goes well with coffee?”. We’ve shared different choices of foods to pair with coffee.