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Do coffee grounds keep roaches away?

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Roaches are repelled by ground coffee. Actually, putting some ground coffee lower within the corners or windowsills of the kitchen can really help keep them insects away.

So, what’s the easiest method to keep cockroaches away?

  1. Use fabric softener. Roaches can’t tolerate the strong scent and it’ll suffocate them.
  2. Use fresh coffee grounds.
  3. Use sugar and boric acidity.
  4. Use sodium bicarbonate and sugar.
  5. Use cayenne, garlic clove and onion powder.
  6. Use bay leaves.
  1. Fill large glass jars about midway with water and put small glasses of moistened coffee grinds inside each jar.
  2. Put the jars against walls, baseboards or anywhere you believe roaches are nesting.
  3. Look into the jars daily.
  4. Refill the jars with water and occasional grinds and put it well from the walls and baseboards.

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