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Starbucks offers Vietnamese coffee, which is made from dark roast coffee, sweetened condensed milk, and a little bit of ground cardamom. That coffee is put over ice and could be purchased without or with espresso.

How To Order A Vietnamese Coffee At Starbucks

There’s a couple of methods to order a Vietnamese coffee at Starbucks. One of the ways would be to order a “Vietnamese Iced Coffee.” This will bring you an espresso with sweetened condensed milk at the base and espresso on the top. You may also order a “Vietnamese Cold Brew.” This will bring you a chilly brew coffee with sweetened condensed milk at the base. Finally, you can find a “Vietnamese Frappuccino.” This will bring you a Frappucc

-A Vietnamese coffee at Starbucks needs a special filter and occasional press. -Additionally, you will need sweetened condensed milk, made coffee, and ice.

  • visit starbucks and order a vietnamese coffee 2. tell the barista that you’d like a vietnamese coffee 3. the barista can make your coffee and it’ll include condensed milk quietly 4

-Vietnamese coffee is made differently than most coffees, so it might be essential to specify how you need it made -You may even want to inquire about condensed milk or sweetened condensed milk to be included to your coffee

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Ask For A Vietnamese Coffee At Starbucks?

In Vietnamese, you’d request a “Ca phe sua da.” This term directly means “coffee with milk and ice.”

Can You Ask For Custom Drinks At Starbucks?

Yes, you are able to request custom drinks at Starbucks. You are able to request modifications to plain menu products or request something which isn’t around the menu. Let your barista understand what you’re searching for and they’ll gladly help.

Does Starbucks Buy Coffee From Vietnam?

Yes, Starbucks buys coffee from Vietnam. The organization has labored with maqui berry farmers there since 2013 to enhance the standard and sustainability from the coffee they produce.

To Summarize

When ordering a Vietnamese coffee at Starbucks, make sure to specify that you’d like it “Vietnamese style” with condensed milk. The barista will know to include sweetened condensed milk for your coffee.