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Within this brief text, we’ll provide the solution to the issue: “How to create pour over coffee with no scale?”. Additionally, we’ll discuss whether using scale is essential to create pour over coffee and we’ll also explain why you need to make use of a scale to create your pour over coffee.

How to make pour over coffee without a scale?

To create a pour over coffee with no scale, you should use the “golden coffee ratio”: one to two tablespoons ground coffee for each 6 ounces water. It’s not really necessary to utilize a scale to create a pour over coffee.

When utilizing a greater quality coffee we feel that while using scale supplies a excellent, accurate and personalized experience so we recommend it. However, should you don’t possess a scale offered at home, only use the “golden ratio” as well as your coffee will certainly be scrumptious.

Is the use of the scale necessary to make pour over coffee?

Actually, while using scale to weigh water is unnecessary since the filtration methods are technically considered Percolation, that is extraction once the powder becomes static and water goes through it. Within this method, all of the calculation of the quantity of powder and water is performed with regards to the level of coffee you need to prepare.

Percolation methods are espresso coffee and strained coffee, for example Kalita, Kono, Chemex, Hario, Melitta and Clever. With respect to the roasting point and grinding, a larger or lesser quantity of water might be retained within the powder.

The finer the grind, the higher the holding capacity. This is exactly what happens, for instance, with double-sided sponges, that have a softer one, since the pores are extremely small, and the other that’s rougher, with much bigger pores. The face area using the softest texture, with much smaller sized pores, maintains more water.

The size only is sensible to weigh the quantity of coffee you want to use. You will find excellent options and they’re well in to the market.

For instance, 10% w/v or 100 grams of powder (roughly 6 full tablespoons) to organize 1 liter of coffee is usually employed for a really concentrated coffee, the one which many people drink daily. The power of 7% m/v (4 tablespoons) or 70 grams for 1 liter is exactly what continues to be most utilized by cafeterias generally.

Why should you use a scale to make your pour over coffee?

Generally, the size can be used within the preparation of niche or gourmet coffees. Coffees by which there is more care and monitoring within their production, coffees composed only of mature beans and frequently harvested by hand. The roasting process also received additional care. In a nutshell, high quality and cost coffees.

For such an example coffee, individuals are searching for various flavors and outstanding encounters. With this, using the size promotes the preparation having a precise and replicable recipe. Additionally to enabling you to test various recipes (measurements) to be able to have spun sentences within the cup.

Another point is the fact that usually the coffee used is within beans, which enables for any fresher and tastier coffee. Generally, just the exact amount for use at that time is ground, and all of those other coffee remains well kept in its bean format. This enables you to possess a fresher and tastier coffee for extended.

Simply to get to know, generally it really works such as this:

  • Checks the amount of individuals who will drink the coffee
  • Believed amount per person (quantity of cups or ml)
  • Weigh the coffee to become ground, grinding just the amount for use at that time. super fresh
  • Weighs the floor coffee to organize the preferred recipe based on the quantity of coffee to be ready
  • Another interesting factor to say is really a use with less waste. Just use the quantity of coffee needed at that time, without exaggeration or leftovers.

What exactly is the Golden Ratio to make a pour over coffee?

To be precise, the “golden ratio” it’s single:15-18 ratio of coffee to water. Which means that for each gram of coffee, you need to use 15 to 18 grams water. With this particular range, you can create a balanced mug of coffee. Simultaneously, you will see the perfect quantity of bitterness, acids and wonder for your drink.

The golden ratio enables all of the elements inside your cup to become consistently harmoniously. And merely as we’ve always been aware of coffee and water ratios, using sinking can result in a less strong cup that’s too bitter to taste. Meanwhile, not enough water risks the potential of an excessive amount of concentration and unpleasantly sour flavor notes.


Within this brief text, we provided the solution to the issue: “How to create pour over coffee with no scale?”. Additionally, we discussed whether using scale is essential to create pour over coffee so we also described why you need to make use of a scale to create your pour over coffee.