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Within this text we’ll answer the issue: “How to create coffee for just one?”. Additionally, we’ll discuss the influence from the powder and also the strainer on coffee preparation. In addition, we’ll educate you steps to make coffee within an electric coffee machine.

How to make coffee for one?

For 1 cup of 100 ml of coffee you’ll need 100ml water and 10g of coffee. To create coffee you’ll need 10% of powder for the quantity of coffee you would like, so that you can replicate your coffee recipe for the total amount you wish to serve.

Here we will highlight precisely what ingredients are essential and the right way to make coffee for just one person.


  • 1 tablespoon (10g) level ground coffee powder
  • 100 ml of steamed filtered water
  • 1 scale
  • 1 cloth or paper filter
  • 1 cup


  1. Boil your water (92C to 96C). Use filtered water, don’t use water from the faucet to prevent swimming pool water, which drastically changes the taste from the coffee
  1. Scald the material or paper percolator using the steamed water, leave this water within the cups that’ll be accustomed to keep up with the temperature from the coffee for a longer period, then discard the used water
  1. Put the ground coffee within the colander and gradually pour the new water from the middle of the colander making circular movements in the center towards the edges from the filter. This helps stir the coffee grounds and eliminate the necessity to stir having a spoon
  1. Allow the water drain completely, serve and revel in

Does the coffee powder influence the taste of the drink?

The coffee powder directly influences the caliber of the beverage, and also the quality and kind of coffee powder depends upon the preference and budget of every person. The kind of grinding (coarse, medium or fine) influences the filtration and also the time the coffee stays in touch with water. For cloth or paper strainers, medium to fine grinding is suggested.

Ground coffee perishes easily, then when opening a brand new bag, take in the product inside a month. Opt for the newest date of manufacture during the time of purchase, because the fresher the coffee, the tastier. To keep in your own home, make use of an airtight, dark container. Connection with light and air also causes lack of qualities.

How does the strainer influence the preparation of coffee?

The strainer scald and also the size directly influence that coffee. There are many kinds of coffee preparation, for example pressure, which originates espresso coffee, and percolation, which happens in the well-known Italian coffee machines.

However, today, we’ll only discuss filtering, which is among the most used modes, having a cloth or paper strainer.

Between these two kinds of material, the paper strainer absorbs the fundamental oils in the powder, that make a positive change within the taste, if you can, opt for cloth strainers, which can’t be washed with detergent or bleach. Just with flowing water.

The very first time you apply the cloth strainer, scald it with boiling water and ground coffee to get rid of the starch. When cleansing the strainer, never toss the coffee powder lower the sink drain, as it can certainly clog and/or damage the plumbing.

How to make coffee in an electric coffee maker?

Electric coffee machines are ideal for brewing your coffee when you prepare and do other activities which means you won’t be late, particularly when you don’t cash time each morning. So if you’re not familiar using this type of coffee machine, we’ll explain step-by-step steps to make coffee inside it, in order that it looks much like made coffee.

Place a new top quality filter paper within the machine. There are several machines that include the filter, so you need to simply wash it each time after use.

Now place the coffee grounds within the filter. Add 1 tablespoon from the powder for each 100mL water. Make sure to check all the water your machine enables.

Then, put filtered water, based on the quantity of coffee powder used formerly, within the proper compartment. You should remember that you ought to not pour water in to the filter, ok?

Following the previous steps, switch on the coffee machine. The easiest ones will begin the preparation immediately, the greater robust ones must be configured. Normally, just press the button akin to the kind of coffee you would like.

Wait for a coffee to become ready. You’ll know if this stops dripping in to the jar.

Discard the paper filter using the grounds as it can certainly bitter the coffee when left there.

Serve the coffee and sweeten to taste.

Knowing these steps, now you can buy an electrical coffee machine that will help you, without quitting the pleasure of having a good made coffee.


Within this text we clarified the issue: “How to create coffee for just one?”. Additionally, we discussed the influence from the powder and also the strainer on coffee preparation. In addition, we trained you steps to make coffee within an electric coffee machine.

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