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Within this brief guide, we will answer the issue “How much does coffee cost?” discuss solutions with other related questions like why the cost of coffee differs worldwide and just what it is to brew coffee in your own home.

How much does a cup of coffee cost?

It is extremely a hard task to reply to this type of question in exact terms and figures since the cost of the coffee cup varies worldwide. This variation is principally according to living costs within the city and also the cultural cachet of coffee in the region, amongst other things.

However, we are able to define the typical cost of the coffee cup in various metropolitan areas because metropolitan areas will invariably have individual outlets in which the cost is greater or lower.

When we discuss Lisbon, Portugal coffee costs about $.74. Living costs is gloomier here compared to other Countries in europe, which is reflected in the price of coffee.

Coffee in Milan, Italia costs $1.33 and based on European Coffee Trip, the niche coffee scene within the city is rising.

Coffee in Istanbul, Poultry costs $1.41. Cafes in Istanbul were once places to see books, play chess and backgammon, and discuss poetry. The Ottoman Sultans were the first one to drink roasted espresso beans and stored an espresso maker at court, selected for his or her abilities at brewing coffee and keeping secrets.

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3 reasons why the price of coffee differs worldwide

The cost of coffee fluctuates worldwide because of several reasons but it’s difficult to go over each one of these reasons in one sitting. However, certain things exist, that frequently stick out and modify the cost of coffee. Continue reading to observe how these 4 elements be considered a significant reason behind the fluctuation in coffee prices worldwide:

  1. The very first reason adding for this fluctuation is the preferred choice of people. A lot of the Civilized world can’t make a morning without coffee. However, in places like China where teas are king, residents frequently see coffee like a luxurious splurge. Therefore, it’s any harder to import coffee into Beijing than the U.S., but foreign coffee the likes of Starbucks have ingeniously marketed coffee being an indulgent and exotic drink that worths the cost.
  2. Next, living costs also makes a significant difference for the different cost of coffee. Coffee expenditure is full of countries where individuals have enough money more. Metropolitan areas like Zurich and Dubai are notoriously costly, so it is no wonder that ordering coffee would are more expensive too.
  3. The ultimate cost of coffee can also be affected by the financial structure of every country. For instance, coffee which costs $6.24 in Copenhagen is probably because of the greater taxes of Denmark. This really is so also due to the Danish culture, as tipping isn’t a part of Danish culture. In this manner, the living wage of the barista should also be included in the general product cost.

What does it cost to brew coffee at home?

It’s a common routine of numerous people to possess a daily cafe trip however, many people still decide to make their brew in your own home because, in your own home, you don’t have only control of making coffee based on your taste but you can also avoid wasting cash and obtain that jolt as soon as you awaken.

So, do home-made coffee is cheaper? And just how its cost varies?

To reply to these questions, let’s perform a simplified comparison. Let’s say, we’re evaluating beans from the bigger niche roasting company like Peet’s or Starbucks which lands around $12 per pound within the U.S. You will get 48 6 oz. glasses of coffee per pound, which means roughly $.25 per mug of coffee that’s made in your own home.

For any quick look at other prices around the world, one pound of roasted beans within the coffee mecca of Panama And Nicaragua , lands around $9, or only $.18 per cup. However, in Finland, an identical one-pound bag costs nearer to $26 per pound or $.54 per cup.

Finally, when we compare drip coffee using the UK’s favorite method to consume coffee at home—instant coffee—the United kingdom may win when it comes to cost as each cup means about $.10. However, will they win when consuming the powdered stuff? To every their very own, but we’ll happily stick to freshly ground, perfectly roasted beans.


Within this brief guide, we clarified the issue “How much does coffee cost?” discussed solutions with other related questions like why the cost of coffee differs worldwide and just what it is to brew coffee in your own home.


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