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In this short article we’ll provide the solution to the query: “How many occasions do you need exactly the same coffee grounds?”. Additionally, we’ll discuss the most typical mistakes people make while preparing coffee and we’ll educate you the way to organize coffee utilizing a coffee percolator.

How many times can you use the same coffee grounds?

You shouldn’t make use of the coffee grounds several time since it loses its flavor, aroma and it is certainly bad. However, if you wish to utilize it more often than once, realize that the brand new coffee have a less strong taste along with a lower quantity of compounds.

The coffee grounds could be reused in different ways, for example eliminating undesirable odors, and discourage insects and often like a beauty product.

Is it true that reusing coffee grounds reduces the caffeine content?

Yes, it’s correct that whenever you reuse coffee grounds to create coffee again, the made coffee has less caffeine compared to first-time made coffee. The 2nd time the coffee can nonetheless be drinkable. However, you’ll have less caffeine and flavor-giving volatiles and aromatics that may influence your coffee.

What are the most common mistakes when preparing coffee?

The most typical mistakes while preparing coffee are planning that extra strong coffee has more caffeine, letting the coffee water boil, using any kind of water, stirring the coffee even though it is being filtered and washing your coffee percolator with detergent.

Finding extra strong coffee has more caffeine

I don’t mean it’s an error to make use of extra strong coffee. The error is by using it not understanding exactly what it is! Actually, I observe that lots of people buy extra-strength coffee grounds with the aim of consuming more caffeinated coffee.

Within lies the error: extra-strong coffee isn’t coffee with increased caffeine, it’s coffee that’s been roasted longer an espresso, frequently burnt. The bitter taste originates from the burnt taste. That’s, if it’s with regard to caffeine, buying extra-strong coffee isn’t the smartest choice.

Let the coffee water boil

The issue with boiling coffee water is the fact that, at this time, it starts to lose oxygen and, consequently, cannot extract all of the original aromas and flavors in the drink. What’s more, boiling water burns the coffee, that also leads to a certain bitterness.

Use any type of water

This item is completely from the previous item: if boiling isn’t good, then it is crucial that water is filtered or mineral. And not just that: you should keep in mind that coffee consists almost entirely water. Quite simply, how will it extract the flavors from the coffee, the purer and without impurities, the greater!

Stir the coffee while it’s being made

This can be a super easy “cafezistic” crime to prevent. Possibly in a rush, we have a tendency to stir water because it goes through the dust. Here, too, we lead to losing the richness of flavors and aromas. The very best factor would be to leave water there, quiet, passing naturally with the dust

Wash the strainer with detergent

After speaking a lot about how exactly things can hinder the flavour of coffee, you need to be concered about these details, right? Using soap or detergent to clean the strainer is risking departing traces of chemicals for the following time you utilize it (within the situation of the cloth strainer). The very best factor would be to always wash with flowing water.

How to prepare coffee using a coffee percolator?

Generally, five to six tablespoons powder are sufficient to organize 1L of coffee utilizing a percolator. However that varies based on one’s taste. The perfect is by using fine or medium grinding powder.

If you need a cloth strainer, you should wash it with warm water before utilizing it the very first time. Like every self-respecting cloth, it arrives with that gum to prevent wrinkles.

The material strainer, in addition to all utensils – except for cups, obviously – shouldn’t be washed with detergent or bleach. Unless of course you are taking the outfit for your mouth, just warm water is sufficient to clean. This avoids residues altering the coffee’s taste. Within the situation from the cloth strainer, the chance of such residue increases.

After washing, allow the strainer dry well. If you’re able to allow it to dry under the sun, better still. The paper strainer doesn’t have secrets and would go to the garbage when it’s been used! Some express it doesn’t taste just like coffee made inside a cloth filter, but it’s absolutely better. This powder will not be reused unless of course your ultimate goal would be to kill someone in disgust.

They are saying the preparation water will not be boiling. You switch from the heat if this begins to boil. Like, at 90°C. Therefore, it is important to always employ filtered or standard water, as it won’t boil.


In this short article we provided the solution to the query: “How many occasions do you need exactly the same coffee grounds?”. Additionally, we discussed the most typical mistakes people make while preparing coffee so we trained you the way to organize coffee utilizing a coffee percolator.