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Cream is a classic addition to coffee drinks. Their texture is thicker and velvety than that of milk, and  there is a wide range of products of different fats and densities for making liquid drinks and almost creamy desserts.

We tell you all about how to make creamy coffee in a variety of recipes, how many calories are in the drink, what its benefits and potential harms are, and more. Just one product – and so many different flavors!

What is the name of coffee with cream?

There is no one name for coffee with cream that everyone understands. More precisely, there are some regional, for specific recipes that are found in different countries:

  • Palazzo is a California recipe. Two servings of chilled espresso are poured with a sweetened cream-milk mixture.
  • Espresso con Panna – analogous to cappuccino, an Italian recipe – espresso with whipped creamy crema sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • Irish – coffee with alcohol and a creamy cap (usually Irish whiskey is used, although brandy or cognac are acceptable).

Wen-style coffee is the most popular name in the former Soviet Union, although in Vienna itself it is more often made with foamed milk.

Creamy Coffee: Benefits and Harms

Claiming that every cup of coffee and creamy drink brings you clear benefits is clearly wrong. It is, in fact, milk fat, and although vitamins and trace elements from milk are also contained there, it is still not enough for any clear effect. They are added primarily for flavor, to soften the coffee bitterness and sourness, to make the flavor a little sweeter without adding sugar.

A clear positive effect of drinking creamy coffee drinks will get people with high acidity of the stomach. If it is impossible to refuse morning coffee – drink it with a creamy, fattening additive, this will protect the digestive system from high coffee acidity.

Can I drink coffee with cream in hypertension?

In general, the use of caffeine in this condition is undesirable, but if you often have high blood pressure, and you do not refuse the stimulant – it is better to dilute already. If the pressure rose suddenly – in this case it is worth to be patient, and drink a cup when you feel well.

Can pregnant women drink coffee with cream?

If there are no obvious contraindications, then sometimes you can drink a mild creamy coffee cocktail, and it’s definitely better than pure bitter black. As an option, you can also add milk. It will cheer you up a little (many pregnant women suffer from low blood pressure), and the effect on the body will be softer, the caffeine will be absorbed not so sharply.

Can coffee with cream be used by thin people and people on a diet?

It is quite a caloric product, but it gives you a sweetness. If you don’t like to drink a plain Americano because of its bitter-sour taste, it is better to add some low-fat cream, but refuse sugar. Sometimes you can indulge yourself with this cocktail, one portion in the morning will not affect the calorie balance, but do not get carried away.

Choose natural products, and then the cocktail will be quite useful. Instant coffee and canned creamer contain nothing useful.

Creamy Coffee Recipes

There are so many recipes, as there are different kinds of cream products. You can modify the combinations, add spices, liqueurs and more, getting very interesting flavor profiles. Here’s how to make coffee with creamer in different ways:

Black coffee with cream

The easiest recipe: brew coffee any way you like, any way you like. And add to it about a tablespoon of drinking cream of any fat content, 10%, 15%, 20% – whatever you have. You can take a little bit more fat – it will lay on the surface, you can sprinkle it with cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate shavings.

Creamy Ice Coffee

Two preparation options at once:

  • Prepare a larger filter coffee or Americano and chill it in the refrigerator for a few hours. If you want sweetness, sweeten in advance or dissolve the sugar in cold liquid. Add not very heavy cream.
  • Fill a glass with ice. Pour in a couple shots of espresso or one shot of Americano (pre-sweetened if needed), and top off with the creamy part. This option is good because it is prepared very quickly, no need to wait for refrigeration. Syrups, liqueurs and strong alcohol like rum or brandy go great with these cocktails.

Instant Coffee and Cream

If you like the instant product, no problem. Creamy fillers are also added to it, and the taste becomes more interesting. Only it is better to put more powder or granules than you are used to, because the dense, creamy texture will “clog” the coffee flavor.

Coffee with cream in the coffee machine

Cooking is simple: the automation will do everything for you:

  • If you have a separate milk container or milk carton tube, you can use low-fat cream products and the machine will whip them up as well.
  • If you’re using a capsule, go for a ready-made coffee and creamer. There aren’t many (often they are coffee and milk), but you can find unusual combinations, like “strawberry and cream” coffee or ginseng.
  • If you have a stirrer, try whipping up a dense, creamy froth and layering it over an espresso for a creamy cappuccino. Keep in mind that the whipping will increase the volume by about twice as much, so calculate the proportions.

Coffee with Cream in a Carafe

At home, this is usually just about the easiest and tastiest option:

  • Grind coffee beans or take already ground coffee beans at the rate of a teaspoon with a handful per cup.
  • Fill with water and bring to a boil three times so that foam rises.
  • Remove from the heat and pour a spoonful of cold water to settle the grounds.
  • Pour into a bowl and add the creaminess.

We do not advise adding dairy ingredients in the process of cooking – it will not affect the taste much, but it will be harder to clean the turkey.

Coffee with Whipped Cream Wieners

For this recipe, it is better to whip the creamer yourself, adding various spices and ingredients to it, from a can will not be the same at all.

  • Prepare a strong coffee, such as a double espresso.
  • Whip the heavy cream (at least 30%) until it has doubled in volume. When whipping, add vanilla and powdered sugar, or vanilla sugar all at once. You can also add a scoop of proof alcohol.
  • Spoon the whipped mixture over the top of the espresso.
  • Decorate with grated orange peel, grated chocolate, topping, pour syrup over it – whatever you like.

A spoon and, preferably, a straw are definitely served with this dessert, so that you can choose how to enjoy the treat, eat the sweet foam with a spoon, or mix everything, or drink espresso through a straw.

Mochaccino / Mocha

A very delicate chocolate and creamy cocktail, the mochaccino or mocha. Using a different kind of chocolate, you’ll get a special flavor every time:

  • A couple of pieces of chocolate, dark, milk or white;
  • A cup of coffee, about 100 ml;
  • Cream, regular or whipped, in a pinch, from a can.

Melt the chocolate in a cup, pour in the coffee. Either stir at once, or let the drink be puffed. Place whipped creamy foam on top, garnish with grated chocolate or nut sprinkles.

With liqueurs

Tender, non-strength liqueurs on a cream or egg base go well with coffee cream flavor and make it even smoother, velvety, and viscous. Fruity ones are less successful; the following types are more appropriate:

  • Chocolate;
  • Coffee;
  • Baileys and all analogues;
  • Sheridan’s;
  • Nutty;
  • Amaretto;
  • Advocate;
  • Kahlua.

It is acceptable to add any syrups and traditional coffee spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla) to recipes. An interesting taste is also obtained with honey.

Caloric value of coffee with cream

The energy value of the drink depends more on what products you use, their volume and fat content. Coffee itself is practically no calories, up to a maximum of 5 calories per cup.

For ease of calculation, let’s take a coffee serving of 150 ml, a tablespoon of cream – 15 ml and a spoonful of sugar with a slide – 7 grams:

Fatness Kcal per 100 g Calorie content of coffee with cream without sugar Calories in coffee with cream and sugar
10% 118 21 49
15% 160 27 55
20% 205 34 62
30% 293 47 75
35% 335 53 81

Coffee with whipped cream from a can is a more caloric product – on average, in a serving about 60 kcal.

Coffee with cream in bags – on average, 70 kcal, because sugar is added, without it such products are almost never found, it is a variant of “3 in 1”.

The calories are very low, so even on a strict diet it is allowed to indulge in this cocktail once in a while. And even if you choose a product with 20 percent fat content, it won’t break your daily caloric intake either.

Ground Coffee with Cream

Sometimes you can buy coffee flavored with cream in stores – for example, it is called “Irish Cream”. Many manufacturers have these products, and most often they are ground beans, although sometimes you can find whole beans or ask for them to be ground on the spot.

You have to understand that it is only a flavoring, not even the dry cream concentrate-powder is there. That is, you get a black drink that smells like Irish liquor. There’s no liquor, syrup, or alcohol there, either, of course. The drink will be unsweetened, but there is still a light flavor and aroma of creamy alcoholic cream.

You can buy this product in most major stores, as well as in specialized outlets selling tea and coffee products.

To sum it up

A cup of coffee and cream is a great choice for any time of day. By adding a variety of ingredients, it is possible to vary the flavor shades, prepare alcoholic and coffee-cream cocktails or desserts, cold and hot. There are not too many calories in the drink, so you can consume it in reasonable amounts, even if you want to lose weight, and in a certain sense it is even healthier than the black Americano or espresso. It’s worth making today!