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Within this text we’ll answer the issue if you’re able to mix different coffee grounds to create a single drink. Additionally, we will highlight the expected characteristics of the mixture and the way to allow it to be.

Can I blend different types of coffee grounds?

Yes, you are able to mix various kinds of coffee grounds. The objective of the blend would be to balance the coffees, to ensure that one sort of bean completes the taste along with other attributes the different kind of bean doesn’t. You will find numerous options to create these mixtures, cellular the truly amazing diversity of grains.

These blends are thoughtful mixtures of various espresso beans to produce a cup result how you want. This can be done blending after or before roasting the coffee.

Within the coffee market, blends happen to be designed for a lengthy time, especially between Arabica and Robusta coffees (to discover the variations between these two kinds of coffee, take a look at our publish on Arabica coffee).

It is because Arabica is really a coffee with increased complex notes, more acidity and wonder, while Robusta is full-bodied and wealthy in caffeine.

What are the benefits of blended coffee grounds?

Since it is a combination of different grains, the blend are visible in an adverse way by individuals who don’t be aware of technique.

However, more often than not, it’s precisely the opposite, the objective of blending would be to balance the coffees making them much more complete.

Apart from that, there are a variety of other benefits of making your personal coffee blend.

You can adapt it to your taste

Since it is not really a specific blend and you will find a number of ways to create a coffee blend, it’s simpler to really make it based on your likes.

Should you understand your taste well and you know what attributes an espresso will need, the job is a lot simpler.

You are able to mix coffees from various regions, different species, pre- or publish-harvest or from various varieties, always based on your individual tastes.

The blends are not inferior

Unlike what many people think, blends aren’t inferior. They’re, actually, a method to boost the features of coffee and provide the customer new sensations when experiencing the drink. The key factor would be that the grains have quality and aren’t used only to be able to keep costs down.

Provides new experiences

Among the primary goals is unquestionably to supply a new physical experience for individuals who’re consuming. Which is among the ideal methods for individuals who choose to take a risk on new tastings.

Obviously, there’s a lot of coffee varieties, however, the blends can finish up supplying an entirely different flavor in the others, because of the probable mixtures.

You can get the perfect drink to your liking

You’ll be able to execute tests using different grains, insert them in different measures until reaching the perfect flavor for the taste.

How do I start preparing?

Making good coffee is really a scrumptious science! The greater the caliber of the merchandise, the greater health advantages and greater pleasure in consumption.


The blending of types of coffee types can occur after or before roasting. The most crucial factor is to try and harmonize more bitter and more dark coffees with other people with greater acidity and wonder, for any visual and sensorial balance.

Sensory characteristics

The coffee blend that aims to focus on the physical qualities is generally more appreciated through the curious customer. As this consumer profile expects another knowledge about every cup they drink.

Those are the customers who, when seeing the coffee body lighter, realize if it’s more golden or yellow-colored. When the aroma is fruity, floral or chocolatey. This kind of customer values quality beans and a mix of coffees that’s harmonized.

Start with raw coffee

Because the roasting process plays a role in the harmonization from the beans, their sweetness, body, acidity and aroma become unique. But, if you prefer a longer shelf existence for that product, just roast the total amount you will consume. In addition to grinding.

This is actually the primary distinction between other “mixable” drinks, because the shelf existence of the coffee, after roasting and grinding, is brief, a few days until it loses its qualities. While for other beverages, for example wine or cachaa, that are fermented or distilled, the time of consumption is lengthy.

You may make a scrumptious coffee blend making use of your favorite coffees. Only experience, using the different mixtures, could make you select the right combination for the taste.

Make sure to grind small quantities of coffee when blending, as coffee once ground loses a number of its physical characteristics.


Within this text we clarified the issue if you’re able to mix different coffee grounds to create a single drink. Additionally, we demonstrated the expected characteristics of the mixture and the way to allow it to be.